android app 项外包,求程序员高手来接单,求结交全栈工程师



previous freelance has designed UI and wireframe without any program. so I need someone to proceed for the android app first.  if it is okay, we can continue to work on ios app.


1. 网站 , 为其设计与实现app.
Refer to our website:

2.app的主要功能/main features
geo-location for all ads and users, when user open app, app could recognize user‘s current city and display all ads belonging to current city. Refer to

用户注册,并将用户信息存储在网站的mysql数据库中。第三方帐户登陆(facebook,微信)user register, store all user information into mysql database, allow third-party user login such as wechat and facebook.

发AD, 发布带有图文信息的AD。重点是发布AD体验。
post ad along with words and pics, especially filling in ad’s address and city.

all ads have its category and sub-category, display ads from website mysql database in app

ad location could be navigated by mobile map.

post event that belongs to different city

review functionality from all user.

用户profile 管理
user profile including MySetting,MyAD,MyReview,MyFavourites,MyView,Myscore.

notification from admin or reviews

wechat media share with sdk account

notification from sms, email, un-read message.

media share from facebook and wechat

matchable with android 4.0 above

2. 提供app设计效果图UX图。/supply UX flow.

3. 保证网站和app的兼容性,增加的数据库字段不能影响网站的运行。网站与app资源共享。网站后台来管理数据。
sync website and app, the added database could not affect the speed of web. all sources between web and app are shared. all data are controled by website backend.

4. 提供网站的copy供调试。网站由wordpress搭建,数据库为mysql.
we supply all data and program of website for test. our website is built by wordpress and database is mysql.

5. 数据的上传下载和用户的界面操作异步,网速不能影响UI的响应。
uploading and downloading of data and user front-end operation should be seperate and no affection between them. the speed of internet could not affect UI response.

6.We need web+app+api total solution ,thanks

1. 熟练掌据android应用程序设计,熟练使用mysql数据库。
familar with android program development and mysql database.

2. 有中国地图,定位使用经验优先,微信api使用经验的优先。
have experences with chinese map and its geo-location function and wechat api development.

3. 有wordpress设计经验优先。
acquaint with wordpress.

4. 有olx类应用设计与实现经验优先。
acquaint with olx app

5. 有测试团队支持优先。
it is better to have test team

6. 有UI设计团队支持优先。
it is better to have UI design team

7. 能用git管理工源码和工作进展的团队优行。
it is better to use git managing data source and process of job.

milestone 2
1.订单管理。/ad order managment.
2.支付功能,钱包功能。/ad online payment and wallet.



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